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I'll make a few comments also from my way of looking at it. I'd add/change a few other things.

One thing to keep in mind is what are you trying to address.
  • Keep them alive till...You wll probably NEVER use this stuff, but you may want it because if you do need it, you better have it.
  • Try to prevent permanent damage. While grinding bone ends together riding out without a splint won't kill them (or you remember!), it will make for a shorter leg eventually and much longer heal time, which would suck
  • Last is ease pain, remove splinters...But a pill or two does not take up much room.

My kit changes according to my ride, and who is along - as well as what they have and what else I may be carrying. For example, while I have a SAM splint and carry it, I could see using tire irons or tent poles and getting by pretty well. What you need riding for 2 weeks, a long way from a road is quite different from a sport ride for the day, even though the injuries expected may be exactly the same.

Flashlight/Headlight is a MUST for many reasons. One with a strobe function is good. And even though you think you are carrying one anyway in your backpack, it really does pay to have a small one in the kit, just in case it got left on in your pack or..... Because "Just in Case" happens very frequently.
One other thing that I need now is reading glasses...
I'd bring duct tape rather than the usual lame medical tape of one kind or another. If you really need to tape somebody up, you are going to want it to stick till they get out. Can double for your bike first aid kit needs also.

I have a model of having multiple kits that "stack". I won't list all the contents, but you'll get the idea.
  • Mother kit sits in a small Pelican case with reflective tape on it so that when in use, it can sit on the road. This goes with me in the car. Lot's of extras go in here.
  • Inside that is more of a Trauma kit with flashlight, glasses, bandages, splint, quick clot, Duct tape, gloves, etc., This kit is in a separate bag so it can come out when needed and when I don't carry the larger kit. This is usually what I carry on the bike, sometimes losing the splint and such for short trips.
  • Then the "first aid" kit with tweezers, neosporin, aspirin, sort of items. Most of the stuff here can usually wait till you get somewhere, but if I have space. I mean you are not going to die from a cactus spine in your leg.
  • There is also another group of items that I sometimes carry that is really more rescue/survival oriented. Very small space blanket, whistle, reflector, more water tablets, etc.

I can pull things from the rescue oriented kit and put it in the Trauma kit which goes on the bike if I want to carry it.

Nine mile skid on a Ten mile ride
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