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Originally Posted by Landro View Post
Hi Matt. Prowled around on your site a bit. Looks like some good stuff. Two questions:

First, is there some way to know if you have "it" in stock (whatever "it" is)? Or what the backorder status is? There are other dealers who are notorious for taking the order for something that won't be in for 6 months or more. Drives me nuts!

Second, are there any conditions on the free shipping? I.e. Order amount must exceed $xx amount or limited time. Save you answering a bunch of PM's about the same thing.

Very valid questions...... there is a search box in the upper right hand corner that you can type a search inquiry into and then click the magnifying glass. So if you wanted to see if we have a Yuasa YTX12 battery, simply type YTX12 and click and Bob's yer uncle!

Secondly, when you look at any product on the website you should see its stock status beside the price and Reward points associated with the item. Yup... we give your Reward points to use on future purchases.... like Canadian Tire money! It will either show IN STOCK, OUT OF STOCK, or if you don't see a stock status it is because we may not normally stock it but can get it in OR in the case of brand new products like the DriSlide and MotoSolution stuff...... we just announced it and are awaiting our stocking order in a week. Once stock is received the product code will update to show IN STOCK.

When someone places an order, if there is an item(s) that is back ordered, then we provide ETAs on fulfillment. But at anytime, if you want to cancel or change your order...... not a problem. After receiving your order, you have a 30 day money back guarantee....... simply return anything in NEW condition for a full refund for product.

We provide free shipping on orders of $100 or more to Canadian ADV customers only ( no time limit ) and we ask you PM us for the free shipping discount code, as we will change it occasionally to make sure that the order is being placed by a true ADV member and not just a buddy that got it from a friend, who knows a guy.....

But here's the deal....... ultimately I want you to be happy! I am quite aware that it can take years to build a business and a day to cripple it, if you don't treat customers right. And in today's internet savvy world..... there are no secrets. I will try to treat every transaction like its our first and treat you guys like I would want to be treated. Plain and simple!

Thanks very much for the questions and stayed tuned...... more cool stuff coming down the pipe!
Unique & Innovative stuff is what we're all about!
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