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Originally Posted by Hardhead View Post
I did similar damage to mine
Were you also ran over by your spouse?

Super rad that you are riding already! And a phone to your ear? I can't wait.

So your arm isn't straight yet? Did they have it set at a bend after surgery? I had mine stuck stick straight in a brace for at least a month before my surgeon took my stitches out and said I was allowed to start moving it in PT. He said it is easier to get the bend back than it ever is to obtain straightness, if it doesn't start out that way.

Originally Posted by etingelefunts View Post
My girl offered to do the honors, but the LAST thing I needed was to hear her years from now, reminding me how she use to wipe my damn heine.
Wow. That is true love, right there.
Who is Zora?
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