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Dean should have pointed out,but didnt so there he is on a 250,hes won one race so far,doesnt really mean he will dominate or shouldnt be out there.

Davalos is 26 sure but he hardly dominates any class and hasnt pointed out or he wouldnt be on a 250. Since when does Mitch pick a racer based on said racer's income?
Davalos has had to many top ten seasons not to have pointed out by now. I'm flat out saying Davalos father paid Mitch so his son could ride on Mitch's team. Mitch is known for only paying his riders $30,000 a year but on the flip side he gives them the best bikes on the track. Its no big secret in the last couple of years the satellite teams have been hiring riders if the rider can bring something to the table. The dollar amount usually starts around $50,000 or an outside sponsor. Why do you think they have so many riders with names you have never heard of riding for them.
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