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Originally Posted by Mayapis View Post
Greetings, Fellow XT225 riders.

I hope someone can help me with my 2003 XT225 which has only 12000 kms.

It starts up after 2 or 3 cranks, idles normally and revs up normally. But after a few kilometers of riding, the idling speed drops when stopped in traffic and then dies. It starts up again, idles normally but then the same thing happens again: idling speed drops and engine dies. There is no problem when running at high revs. Only when stopped in traffic and the engine is idling. After several carb overhauls and really thorough cleaning using an air compressor and carb cleaner, the problem is still there.

I have checked fuel flow from the tank and there is no problem there. I visually inspected the rubber intake manifold which has been reported to crack up and leak after 5 years but mine still looks very good. When the engine was idling normally in the garage, I sprayed WD40 on this intake manifold to see if some of the WD40 would be sucked in and if the idling would be affected but it did not.

I have ruled out any ignition problems because if it was, the problem would affect the entire rev range. But I could be wrong, of course.

Anyone experience the same problem? I am running out of ideas for a possible solution. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.
spray the boots with starting fluid and if it idles up then you have a leak.

but that is not your problem. I like the coil suggestion. Is float adjusted properly to allow the bowl to fill and idle off the low speed circuit only? pop the tank top and if it idles then theres not enough tank venting? just tossing them out there
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