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Originally Posted by Lc8grrr View Post
I have a couple of Talon cush drive rear wheels but probably wouldnt use one on a ride like yours as the rubber inserts are a smallish O ring (maybe RAD use something better) The factory Rally bikes of Despres/Coma/Sala etc used a Talon front hub but a KTM OEM rear hub which uses the same rubbers as on a 640A or 950A. That to me says the OEM is much better for lots of abuse or lots of miles.
this is what RAD uses

now IMHO as a motorcycle builder and also a machinist i look at it like this, i will take a cush drive over none if one is required, and take billet over cast (stock hub) tensile strength is way better, Dakar bikes have the option of a wheel change if there is an issue, no support crew with me now on the rubbers, with this type above they will loose some action by getting worn over time but a very simple and cheap on the side of the road fix is inner tube rubber, cutting small strips and inserting them between the rubbers, doing this on my XT i got 50,000 miles out of a set, expected life is 5-15,000 miles

so if someone from RAD is reading let me know if you are ready for some RTW testing?
RTW ride report
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