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Hey what is your take on the 2's fit, is it the same as the first model?
So far, my experience consists of riding a TTR around a parking lot in the snow. So I hesitate to have too strong an opinion... but they seem to fit very much like the original crossfires, I was completely comfortable in 30 minutes. Some nice upgrades like better buckles... Overall, they seem like an evolution of something that was already great.

Originally Posted by silentwolf View Post
Speaking of gear, I just picked up an F4 and was thinking about a Bell... What your take on the Bell Moto 9?
I really like the Bell. Some standout features include magnetic retention for cheekpads and chin strap dangly bit, really nice materials for the liner, and overall very light weight. This last is a gift that keeps on giving- it weighs much less than my previous Shoei, and over a long day, that starts to be apparent in a lack of strain/ fatigue. Also, it has no vents on top, which is great if you ride in brush as I often do.

Helmet fit is clearly a personal thing, for me, it's great, but obviously try one on. If it fits, I think you'll find it's a really nice helmet.

How do the Arietes compare to other goggles?

Gotta get a t-shirt...
Yes you do!

When I tried on the Arietes, I have never gone back to any other goggle. I actually don't wear the very top of the line model, it has more curvature than my face does. The middle range all fit my face great, and I have substantially less fogging issues than I had with Scott, Spy, or Oakley, which were what I used previously.

Things I like: high quality foam against your face, fit, lack of fogging, lens are all interchangeable (I love Blue Sky and Blue Creek tints), and great customer service @ MX1West (the US importer for Ariete). The foam around the frame is a good density as well, I haven't been forced to resort to baby oiling to keep the back of the lens getting dusty. All in all, they strike me as a higher quality option than other big brands.
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