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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
thats the one i mean, and not needing a fuel pump is the added advantage, less to go wrong, didn't realize the 640A had a pump i thought they came in later

definitely no oil in frame but i am going to look at a 640A for oil routing this week to determine a reservoir location but if you have photos of your version that would be a great help as its a direct model for model comparison, put them up on here if you have them
The 640 A has a small vacuum operated fuel pump that allows you to get the last bits of fuel out of the tank... In other words 80-90% of the fuel will flow to the carb with gravity and rather than have the KLR trapped fuel syndrome, KTM installed the pump to make use of the last remaining bits... If the pump does crap out you can hook direct to the carb or replace the pump diaphragms, so in reality losing the pump is not a show stopper like it is on the F.I. bikes...

The Safari tank must hold the fuel up higher in order to not need a pump to make use of all the capacity... I wonder if it has a crossover line to move fuel from one wing to the other?
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