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Originally Posted by silentwolf View Post
As I recall Ned ran the regular pipe for simplicity sake. I wonder if the lower pipe would have helped in some of his fuel issues..?
I detest riding with low pipes on an enduro bike, I had two machines set up that way and repeatedly flattened the pipes on both. I don't crash much, but I like soft suspension to avoid deflection and that means I occasionally land on something hard, and bang, there goes the pipe. Also, it heats your boot (and the engine cases), which can be trivial or very annoying, depending on the machine.

My 690RR has low pipes, but, the suspension was designed around them, so it doesn't put them in the ground before it bottoms like an enduro based machine does. Also, I don't tend to ride very technical terrain on that bike, and also, it has pretty stiff suspension relatively speaking. So far, they've been OK... but I still hate low pipes.
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