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Wow. I've been reading incredible RR's and the best are ones, like yours, with so much soul and insight. It's incredible to hear how this has added more significance to your life story.

The unique factor of your Panigale has certainly raised some eyebrows for those like myself that have slowly gotten away from sport bikes and also made me question why we can't do rides like this if we put our minds to it. Then I consider retreat back to my big comfy riding position and seat. But it's good to know I shouldn't automatically dismiss the idea. Speaking of raising eyebrows, I'm excited to hear about your time with Ducati at COT. Remember what you've done here and consider offering them with a thrilling adventure through Europe. Remind them you just need to find a bike for the journey.

I've taken a road trip through Europe and I suggest at some point you drive the San Bernindino Pass, no regrets. Probably the best road I've ever been on. The nurburgring is worth seeing and driving, but as I drove the track in my comfy cage and passed motorbikes I couldn't help but worry for their safety. I know my warning should lead you the right way direction though :)

I may be moving to Costa Mesa in the next few months so ill have to watch for adventures you take in and around Southern CA.

Lastly, I found the part in minneapolis interesting. I've known John Meyer for some time and when he started DOOM I knew he would do with it what he does with most things in life. He really has put 150% into that and it's great to see what it's become.
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