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I'll check into the metal polishing but don't know if I'll have any luck finding something like that over here. I shouldn't write while frusterated but at the moment I'm overwhelmed with how you can get 1/2 ass quality on everything here for 1/10th the price but when/if you want something done well it doesn't happen often.

I was just at the Kawasaki dealer and saw a KX250 next to the 2012 KLX250 and it got me thinking:

I'm wondering how hard it would be to put a whole KX front end on the KLX. My wife's in Texas at the moment for the next week and looking on Craigslist I could get her to bring me back some forks/tripple clamps/wheel/axle for much less than new fork tubes would cost over here.

FWIW the 2012 KLX in the pic has only +/- 10" of fork travel, my year has 11" where the KX next to it has 12" so the length difference wouldn't be as great as the 2 in the pic.
Anyone heard of anyone doing that before? I'd love the KX forks if it was doable...
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