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I just sent the proposed 2013 Mexican 1000 GPS tracks to NORRA last night. I think they start prerunning from Mexicali tomorrow. There are a couple of possible minor course adjustments that they will investigate. I'm not sure if they will use them or not. If not, the course will probably be exactly the same as last year. Also, if they find anything in the roadbook that needs fixing or adding, that will happen independant of any possible course changes.

I also got word that their new loop rally for later this year may have a twist that could make it slightly different than the Mexican 1000 (besides the completely different route and destinations).

On a related note, the first Diabolical Rally scouting and prerun trip will be next month. One NORRA person will come along on a bike, as well as a regular Dakar competitor in a "car" and another hardcore biker dude. I'm almost done preparing preliminary roadbooks for 3 of the stages, so those will be the ones we'll check out. Being in some regions where there has apparently never been any off-road racing, we have LOTS of hurdles to ovecome before this one could become a real rally race.
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