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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
Awww ain't that true love...

I've made the mistake BB is making. I understand why too. ...but in the end, I had an expensive, hoopty, POS that didn't ride nearly as well, work nearly as well, or last nearly as long as if I'd started with something nicer. By nicer I don't mean $thousands I mean $hundreds.

A pricepoint mtn frame (~$100) with bad boy style wheels (cheap 29er disc wheels) on it will be a better starting spot than a department store bike with 27" wheels on it.


Well then when he realizes he made a mistake then he can hang the worthwhile parts on a good frame and not be out any more green than he would have been if he had started with a good frame. What he learns in the process will one day find him shaking his head at some hard headed kid hellbent on learning something the hard way.
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