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Originally Posted by Dranrab Luap View Post
Well then when he realizes he made a mistake then he can hang the worthwhile parts on a good frame and not be out any more green than he would have been if he had started with a good frame. What he learns in the process will one day find him shaking his head at some hard headed kid hellbent on learning something the hard way.
i agree...LOL everything thats going into it is industry standard... english BB (via a conversion set) threadless stem and headset (i would need a different headset for a different frame...big woop at $35) fork would cross over with correct headset, all shifters and such will swap right over along with derailleurs.... i think gummee is just jealous of my awesome vinyls on the bike and doesnt want that much awesomeness out in the world....LOL

and i dont think this is really the hard way....its just not the NORMAL way....its not any harder or easier...shoot i had a HARD time finding a decent shock for my trek fuel....NO ONE has 6.5" eye to eye shocks for sale used that arent fubared...went thru 3 bad ones before finding the one thats on it now...
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