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Originally Posted by damasovi View Post
Jerry you are a brave man! 800 miles of illegal driving!!! lol!!! The vino was a scooter I once consider, it had that vespa smell and look but made in Japan so I translated it to a more efficient and trouble free scooter. HOw ever they are not sold in Mexico so just to have it legal would be like 600-900 USD so I figure I would but a Mexican scooter and save me that money for GAs for a 2-4 years!

what scooter do want to buy now?

Probably just stupid. I have no idea what the fine would have been, or how I would have gotten the scooter back had I been stopped. But law enforcement has become much stricter around here than it was even a couple of years ago, so I'm getting a little paranoid. Just 25cc more and I would have been legal, even if not any faster. Not going to take that kind of risk for because of 25cc anymore.

I could not find a Blur. One dealer said he could get me one, but it would be full price with fees. I got offered a new Buddy 170 he had on the floor for $3199 OTD. That's $200 under MSRP, and includes everything. He has 3 left. I will most likely be back in after it on Tuesday morning. Something about the Buddy just seems to fit me, and it is small, the 170cc is pretty much the same size as the 50cc. The fit and finish is better than the Vino and the Zuma. Only thing I didn't like was that oil cooler mounted down low right under the front wheel. At least it had a guard around it.
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