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Originally Posted by mitchn06 View Post
ya i messed up on the rear blinker setup. I guess i had the idea in my head to get the BD or RS dual output stator and run both AC and DC. then i decided i could accomplish a high output stator and save myself $150. so i drew up that diagram still utilizing the AC and DC, not sure why i could not do a full DC system. and that is probably what will happen. XRsnaggle or some guy with a user name like that seemed like he had the setup like i drew, but for some reason he fried it when changed from 100W HL to 50W HL, ?? IDK, no reason i can't do full DC, not sure why i wanted to incorporate AC. i've just been going through my upgrades list trying to get all things figured out. i rewound the stator two years ago, but i added the new windings in series with the old windings, and did not fill up all poles for some reason, so when i redo it, i want to do it right.
Mitch, no prob running a single output all DC (or AC) or dual (AC/DC) there's pro's & con's to both. If you are doing your own stator, the single output is a little easier, no reason why you can't run a full DC setup off it. Like I mentioned above, shoot for simple, last thing you want to do is troubleshoot a complex system out on the trail somewhere. There's a few designs in this thread that are pretty robust, you'll notice they are very similar to some of the OEM systems. They are proven designs that hold up provided the wiring is done right. Often folks will try to reinvent the wheel, nothing wrong with that if the original wheel doesn't work for you, just be prepared to spend some $$ and sweat going down that road.
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