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Now, I'm not a morning person. I'm about as close to a being morning person as Barrack Obama is to being a Chinese princess. So, to wake up just before dawn and watch the sunrise from my swag was a very different experience for me..

I got up and made a coffee (that, I can NOT do without), and went for a wander around. There was only one other vehicle in the campground, and they were wa-ay over the other side. I staggered on up the hill to what looked to be the main attraction of the park: Rocks

..and a view across to the southwest:

Also found some of the caves that the park is known for:

As I was getting organised the night before, I found lots of little bastard bitey ants around, so rolled out my swag in a safe place:

Had a bit of a poke around Barry's Rock on my way out of the park:

While there, I saw a roo the other side of the rock. I went around to take a photo, but apparently they're faster through the scrub than I am, so you get a photo of a KLR and the scrub instead

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