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Due to dodgy frikkin GPS (we're friends again now though), I took the wrong turn out of Nhill, and ended up heading towards Adelaide (eeek!) Improvising it back to the direction I should have been going, I came along this little gem:

Was only a couple of K's long, but was good fun!

I was starting to get sick of the long straight roads:

but there were some good views (pity my photography skills don't do them justice )

I got a bit excited along the next bit because I was back on dirt, so forgot to take pictures for a while.. I stopped at Broken Bucket on the Murrayville-Nhill Rd for a break:

..and then kept heading north towards Murrayville:

Again, I didn't get many pictures along here, mainly because I was getting back into reacting to sand after a long time of not riding on sand.

The Murrayville-Nhill road actually wasn't too bad - it was mostly hardpack, but with some sandy bits along the way (generally at the top of the dunes, and the bottom of the valleys).

More thunderstorms were brewing around me, and I weirdly was sorta hoping it'd rain a little bit, A) to cool things down a bit and B) wet down the sand a bit and make it easier. The more I thought about it though, I would have preferred it to be hot and dry rather than warm and wet, so started praying for it to NOT rain!

The GPS kept turning itself off along here too (:), so I was never really sure how far I had come, and how far I had to go. I knew I could generally turn it back on again, but that required undoing the cradle lock, take the GPS out, taking the battery cover off, taking the battery out, then reversing the procedure. Not really what you want to be doing in the desert, in the sun.

Still heading north:

(Yes, I know the bike is facing south - I did a u-turn to go back to the top of the hill!)

I stopped in and checked out the Big Bore campsite - it looked to be really good.

Looking at the paper map (bloody GPS : ) I saw "The Springs" and got all excited thinking it might have been like any of the Springs up the Oodnadatta Trk, and I might have been able to stop and get wet! No such luck..

Even the reeds had died due to lack of water..

Speaking of water, I'd gone though 5.5 litres of water out of my camelbak today, and I still hadn't left the desert. I had about 500ml left in the camelbak, and a spare litre in the pannier (camp/cooking water). If I do another ride in heat like this, I'll investigate how to carry more water.
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