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There's all sorts of random "stuff" out there.

Makes you think how hard these people were back then to walk through here walking horses to get all this stuff done. Give me mud over sand any day of the week!

At this point, the camera went flat, so everything from here on is from my phone..

I popped out into Murrayville, and pulled into the petrol station to find out what their opening hours were. They weren't open in the morning, and were only open for about 10 more minutes that (friday) afternoon. I did some quick calculations and worked out I was only about 30km's from Pinaroo, and as I was that close, it seemed to be a waste to not cross the state border, so I set off for Pinaroo and a better petrol station:

Got waved through at the quarantine station, which is always nice. Got into Pinaroo and did a lap of town (took about 35 seconds). Filled up the bike, and some chocolate into me, then headed back towards Victoria to find a campsite for the night.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorms were getting bigger and more intense with every moment. The two or three possible campsites I'd seen earlier were looking less and less inviting with the amount of H2O coming out of the sky. I got drenched while crossing the border back into Victoria. : Still, as per yesterday, it was still warm enough that I dried off in a few km's. On a whim, I detoured down the Ngalla Sth Rd, and came across the Ngalla South Campgrounds:

It's the site of the (now-defunct) Ngallo South Tennis Club. They've left the buildings there as a campground, along with picnic tables and fire-pits (outside), and tables, chairs, crockery etc inside:

Lovely and clean and dry. I rolled out my swag inside, cooked my steak, drank a few cans of bourbon, listened to the ABC on my "wireless" :lol:, and watched the rain fall around me..

Farmer Joe drove past and didn't even look in, so either they have lots or no people stay here.

Another rainbow (because I can):

Spent a lot of time trying to get a decent sunset shot with my phone, but they were all crap, so here's the best of the lot (I think):

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