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OK, or maybe this one:

As per the previous morning, I was up before sunrise. :looney: Probably not a bad thing as I'd promised the good lady wife that I'd be home today, and I'm just about as far away as I can get and still be in the same state.

I took off down the road towards Underbool to head back into Wyperfeld. All the way along the highway, you know you're about to come into another small township when you can see one of these:

..and you can see them from 5+ km's away.

Stopped in Underbool for a coffee (by far the worst coffee of the trip :( ) and then headed south into Wyperfeld. I originally headed down Gunners Tk into Wyperfeld proper, but soon hit the sand.

I decided discretion was the better part of valour and turned around and came back out after I got the KLR bogged for the 4th time. It was too hot, I was by myself, and I only had 4 litres of water with me. Somehow I managed to mangle both upper AND lower chainguards. Had to pull them off (good thing I spent a few days sorting out the toolkit before I left!) and bungee strap them to the top bag for the rest of the trip home.

Back out to the Underbool-Patchewallock Rd, I came across this little bugger trying to commit suicide on the road in front of me:

Mind you, at least he was close to the edge of the road - the next few were in the middle of the road!:

I think they're shingleback lizards.

Along this section, I came hooking around a corner and rode directly over the middle of a long black snake who was taking up 3/4 of the width of the road. :shock: A quick glance behind me confirmed that he was pissed off (thrashing around on the road) so I kept going quickly!

After lots of high speed gravel km's, I turned right to head back into Wyperfeld where I was originally planning on coming out if the sand hadn't have been so bloody soft.

I went in and checked out Casurina Campground (which looked OK, but maybe busy in peak times). Sussed out a few of the tracks that I had looked at on the map, and decided that most of them are really 4x4 only (not just 4x4 only on the map). I took a couple of detours while tooling about. Went down Wool Tk:

and damn near got cleaned up by a couple of emus who came jumping out of the trees while I was riding past (at the horizon of the pic above). At the other end of Wool Tk I stopped at the gates to the private property and took a pic of Lake Agnes:

Figured at this point I'd REALLY better get a move on to get home, so took off towards Patchewollock. As always, had a quick look at town on the way through:

Don't think the train line has seen any traffic for a while:

I think this indicates I'm 280 miles from Melbourne:

So, I'd better get a move on.

I don't think I can go straight ahead here - I'm on a KLR!

So, I turned right and went to Hopetoun. Hopetoun was dead. Nothing open just before lunch on a Saturday. Even the servo was "card only". Well, as the machine wouldn't read my card, I had to go back down to Warracknabeal for fuel (& lunch).

Coming into Warracknabeal, I had to stop at a level crossing:

..and what felt like 15 minutes later:

It wasn't that long in reality, but it was moving slow, and I was sweltering in the heat..

More sky heading south towards Stawell. I deliberately diverted around Dimboola and Horsham (the local copper and I have a 'thing' with each other) and I wasn't sure how the fires at the Grampians had been going.

Coming into Stawell, I saw a sign that I'd never seen before (and I have travelled that highway a lot of times):

Well, there ya go, ya learn something new every day!

The "Scenic lookout" sign got my attention, so I detoured up the hill to the lookout at Stawell..

Looking towards the Grampians:

Looking towards Avoca:

No more pics from this point (I was on a mission), but I went from Stawell towards Avoca, off to Lexton, down through Ballarat to Buningyong and then back onto the Western to go home.

Just on 1500km's in total, with the only carnage being chainguard and the quickstrap on the goggles.

I'll see what I can do about the GoPro footage now.

Oh, and the GPS? The battery compartment cover seems to have warped a touch and is holding the GPS away from the charging contacts in the cradle. Take the battery cover off and it doesn't seem to have a problem. Think I might have to make a thinner panel. ;)
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