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Originally Posted by Edelweiss-Motorsport View Post
Uff -


Chollo and Carl - yes we have some reasonable drummers here in Krautland. Jaki Liebezeit from can is one of them. There are Curt Cress and Herwig Mitteregger from Spliff / Nina Hagen Band and we have people like Manuel Göttsching from Ashra as real pioneers of electronic music. We also have one and the only trend setting artistic group generating new standards in the world of music and they are on tour currently in several museums: Kraftwerk.

They come from Düsseldorf 10 min. down the roads from where I live.

Zappa says: the crux of the bisquit is conceptual continuity - and this is what Kraftwerk is all about too.

But !!!

There is just one Frank Zappa....a man I call one of the rare intermedial genius ever living on this planet - beside this he is doing the most intelligent and funny interviews I have ever seen. I have all available recordings and dvd and I miss him living as a creative star shining so bright.

I had the pleasure to see him life in Dortmund on the broadway the hard way tour....what an experience !

And there was no Stevie Ray Vaughan here in Germany...

Yours in sport.


In memory of John Britten and Nicola Tesla united in geniusity, looking down on us thinking what the hell are they doing ?!
Greetings Dirk!

In your eight posts here at advrider you've shared more technical info, and in a more pleasant/interesting manner, than any 5K plus odometer poster. That is so kool!

Hmm.. a bit pressed for time at this moment. I'll comment on the sound vibes discussion down the road. Time to go listen to some Ege Bamyasi.


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