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Vancouver, Monday, 23 July 2012, Day 49

Vancouver Skyline[/caption]

Well I think today is the first day in 49 days that I did not ride my motorcycle however my source of transport today was still of the two-wheel variety but powered by chubby little legs. Spent all day cycling around Vancouver and had a blast despite it being miserable weather. It says something about a city if you can enjoy even when the weather is miserable it was dull and overcast all day and raining or drizzling but still enjoyed whizzing on my little bicycle. I think I cycled about 30km plus so I am going to feel it tomorrow but a great change of pace. This is the 2nd time I been in Vancouver and the weather was the same last time I was here but I really like Vancouver would like to live there for a while skiing every weekend at Whistler sounds pretty cool.


Vancouver Art[/caption]


Again another first I have no idea where I am going tomorrow. I have been trying to organise a service and change of some consumables for bike and in the usual Philly fashion only got round to doing this yesterday and that was a Sunday and the shop I would like to do the work is also shut on Mondays so I have sent them an E-mail but its hardly surprising I heard nothing from them. I will try and contact them in the morning in the hopes that they can do something for me but the questions is when will they be able to fit me in as it quite a few things that I need doing so based on there response will trigger what I will do tomorrow.

Plan A Of course they can fit me and I will go straight to Seattle and be on my before you know it

Plan B more realistically depending on when they can fit me in Go to Vancouver Island

Plan C or go to Penticton or round that area no idea why but heard quite pleasant

Plan D or go to the US and hang around the Seattle Area

Plan E go Vancouver Island and get the boat from Port Hardy to Bella Coola this is an expensive option and a lot of km but quite fancy it wanted to do this run last time I was here so could move forward in the sequence.

So loads of options all dependent on one phone conversation seems weird, as thus far I have not had to take into consideration other external dependencies but guess I do not have much choice.
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