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This is odd...

Greg, I have exactly the same model as your instructions, (D37-1) exactly the same wording all thruout, except, where yours says at least 3 ohms, mine says at least 5 ohms.

I'm not gonna put any series resistors in line with the coils, but I am gonna ride it close to home for awhile as I get some confidence in it. And get past break-in and the first oil change and head retorque. I can't see that they would really redesign the output amps for less power and leave the model number unchanged. If it blows, then I'll buy the Dyna Booster which is easier to change back to points, and by the way, their website rates that one at three ohms, just like your instruction sheet. I've got a feeling they had some failure complaints and decided to lower their power rating just to be safe. Wish there was someplace I could really see a complete spec sheet, or get a look at their output amp design. I did send them an email, but I don't expect a satisfying answer. It'll probably be a little harder to ride while I'm keeping my fingers crossed. roy
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