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As stated before, last two weeks in August. That's my call, and I'm standing by it.

Got my new GPS in. Garmin 78. Reasonably impressed with the unit. Totally nonplussed with the documentation. That's why we got EmBeeDee.

Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Ya mon! It was a bitch to put back mon!

So I'm running out of things to do preparing the bike. What remains is:

Bleed the front brakes.

Set the rear (drum) brakes. This is a little task I found reading the owner's manual (long winter) that supposedly makes the brakes perform better. The book says that before tightening the rear axle bolt, depress the rear brake pedal fully. I never did that and my rear brakes are...challenged.

Redistribute some tools etc to the new tool bag on my front fender.

Wash the bike. It got dirty about ten rides ago.

But the biggest task remaining for me is to get the dates on my calendar.

Being the center of my family's universe I'd like to get the time allocated.

Any specificity on this matter Mr Fearless Leader sir?
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