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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
If you medical experts would listen to KDub's comment on what Bell told him you might learn a bit from the asterisk crew.

Seems Bell was afraid to move because he hurt his back a year ago and wasn't going to move. Plus the wind was knocked out of him, turns out he wasn't really hurt at all. Mark another one up for the medical crew on the scene, loss for the TV/internet medical crew here.
Seemed rather obvious to me from watching Bell on TV that he was fine.

As for Hahn's broke toe, any of you experts on sewing up broke toes have any idea how to treat a broken toe? You tape it to the toe next to it, that's all. Then you go your merry way and forget about it.

I have the utmost respect for Doc Bodner's medical crew.
Comment was tongue in cheek,reiterating how valuable they are to keep the racers racing with their top notch portable hospital.

I figured Wilber's toe was split and broken
It sure didn't slow him down much did it?
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