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Im sure she felt like running me over though. She said i interrupted a good days shopping.

I was in a 90deg cast for 5 days before to op and 2 wks after. The PT had me in a brace for 6wks adjusting the range every 2 wks. Because i tore 90% of the soft tissue from the bone, they wanted to restrict the rotation of the arm.
I think the hardware does restrict the complete extension a bit.
I only saw the PT every 2 weeks.
Mine was actually the elbow joint in bits and they replaced the radial head so that's there for life.
Surgeon says maybe go back in after the 12 months and do a bit of clean up. That might help that last bit at either end of the range.

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Were you also ran over by your spouse?

Super rad that you are riding already! And a phone to your ear? I can't wait.

So your arm isn't straight yet? Did they have it set at a bend after surgery? I had mine stuck stick straight in a brace for at least a month before my surgeon took my stitches out and said I was allowed to start moving it in PT. He said it is easier to get the bend back than it ever is to obtain straightness, if it doesn't start out that way.

Wow. That is true love, right there.
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