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This wasn't obvious from the picture, but from having done it many times I had traveled about 9 KM from where I did reset the computer NOT 14.2 KM as the computer says; I was about 5KM from where I reset the picture by the way the crow flies.

What you can see in the picture is that my max speed after I reset the computer was 31.7 KM per hour. (Probably correct - I was trying to hussle but those are some hard core trails.)

What's not possible is that although the Max speed I ever hit it that 30 minutes or so was 31.7 KM an hour I was miraculously able to maintain a moving average of 50.4 miles an hour! And I even had a overall average significantly higher than my max speed!

You do know the Baja or Parris-Dakar boys would kill for those kind of numbers!

You can't see this either but I also was not where I was really at on the map; I'll just call that the occasional twilight zone syndrome on my 62. Usually when the map has me not where I'm at you'll see crazy impossible #'s like this on the screen.
Not really a problem when I know where I am. (Though yesterday I was bummed as I did want to know what my real overall average was to this point.)
Is it dangerous though with out a back up if I really were in uncharted territory which I common am in.

FWIW The 62 does not do this to me very often; but it is a good reminder to have a back up in hard places. Since I got this one back refurbished about 10 months ago I'm going to guess this was only the 5th incident and I use it 6 days a week.
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