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Wipe Your Own Arse 2013

Hi All,

Well better late then never........ here'a a last minute invite for another WYOA.
I know many of you have allready made plans, but I think there's plenty of people still looking for a nice adventurous trip this spring...

First riding day will be on Sunday May 5th and the last riding day will be Friday May 17th

We're heading back to Portugal this year, somehow Portugal never seems to get boring. The beautiful and abundant trails, the stunning views, the friendly people, the good food, the good wine....
The tracks and places to sleep will still need a lot of work, but we're concentrating on the northern half of Portugal and a bit of northern Spain perhaps.

Important to know if you decide to join us:
The formula will be the same as WYOA 2011 and 2012, we supply the tracks and the waypoints/campsites where we meet up for the evening/night and everybody can do what they want and however they like to fill in their days during the trip. If you're not satisfied for the day yet and want to do some more exploring, that's fine. If you've had enough adventure for the day and head straight for the campsite, that's fine as well. If you like to cook your own meals or go out for local restaurants, it's all up to you..
What you must do is carry all your own (camping) gear on your bike, bring your own tools and spares and make sure that you're travel and repatriation insurance is in order (oh and make sure you're riding buddy has you're home number in case something happens to you).

The tracks will not be perfect, so you will stumble on closed roads, un-rideable roads, non-existing roads, etc. So know how to work with your GPS and maps if necessary. Also keep using you head, don’t go down a hill, you’re not sure you can get back up and vice versa.

Everybody is welcome, on small bikes, big bikes, enduro champions and trailriding enthousiasts...
Do realize these are not novice trails, so a novice on a 1200GSA is probably not the best idea, but if you've got a mate with the same ideas and prepared for an even bigger adventure than it allready is.... go ahead.
We do not ride in one big group, some ride in pairs some in bigger groups, that is all up yourselves as well.

If you want to get on this list, send me a PM stating your name, nickname, where you’re from, what bike you will be riding your email address for further correspondence and you're cellphone nr , in case we need to get in touch with eachother during the trip.

If you want to get an idea about the route, it's a combination of:

1. Rose (BE) G650XChallenge
2. CrazyIvan (BE) KTM690
3. Danny (BE) KTM690
4. Wilma (NL) DRZ400
5. StevenD (NL) KTM690
6. BlackSP (NL) KTM690
7. Allroadtoine (NL) R80GS
8. Loek (NL) KTM690?
9. Fiona (IR) WR250R
10. Seamus (IR) KTM690
11. Daithi (IR) DRZ400
12. Fluff34567 (CH) KTM690
13. Toon (NL) KTM690
14. BmvA (NL) TTR/KTM690
15. Windy (UK) CCM 404DS
16. Danielle (UK) DRZ400
17. FulviaPaulo (PT)
18. Van (NL) WR450
19. Kamikaze (IR)
20. Dark Muppett (IR) KTM990
21. Manu (BE) Africa Twin

Some teasers:

Currently: G650XChallenge, G650XCountry, DRZ400E, R100GS

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