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córdoba, argentina

friday, february 22, 2013

i wasn't expecting to like córdoba, argentina as much as i have. i guess that is why i stayed for three days, when i was only planning on being there for one day. it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good weekend anywhere else. mendoza can wait. changing my tires can wait. the north of the continent can wait.

cordoba night by porkandcorn, on Flickr

cordoba2 by porkandcorn, on Flickr

the asado with the motorcyclists in villa carlos paz, argentina last night was good. i pulled into a gas station on the edge of town where i was to meet john, another ADV rider from the states. i didn't even put my foot down before he pulled up on his KTM 990, and led the way to the BBQ. john took 10 months to ride down to SA from the states, and then ended up staying in córdoba for the last year. traveling can be dangerous like that.

villa carlos paz by porkandcorn, on Flickr

it was just a few blocks away, and john let the way over a driveway, through a front yard, down a narrow walkway between houses, and into the backyard. i barely fit, and broke the same turn signal that i fixed in florianopolis. it's ok, i have more glue.

the tiger was the belle of the ball. everywhere i go, this bike is received like royalty. after meeting everyone, there were lots of questions, lots of photos of the bike, some people wanted to sit on her to get the sizing, and one guy offered to buy it on site for what i had into it. (they are 2-3 times more expensive in argentina, so it would have been a good deal for both of us.) unfortunately for him, i need her to get to columbia.

motos at the asado, villa carlos paz, argentina by porkandcorn, on Flickr

the guys, asado, villa carlos paz, argentina by porkandcorn, on Flickr

although i was struggling with the language again, it was nice to be received by some other riders. i felt very welcomed. these were enduro riders - technical off-road guys. sitting around the table as the meat began to flow, it was apparent how different the córdoban dialect is from other argentine dialects. the pace is quick, and the tongue was just different enough that i could only process about 5% of what was said that night. but i have gotten used to that, and just enjoyed the pace of conversation, the flow back and forth, the punchlines to jokes i didn't understand. occasionally, a kind soul would slow down, speak a little english, or tell me what was being talked about. again, motivation to continue learning languages.

montañas de carne, asado, villa carlos paz, argentina by porkandcorn, on Flickr

i got some good road advice from john for my exit from córdoba toward mendoza. john, thanks for the experience, and good luck in your future travels.

córdoba, like most other argentine cities, is full off people running for exercise from about 7-9pm every night. the episode with my possibly broken foot has passed, and i've been joining the runners every night. most people are running in sarmiento park on the east side of down. it's a maze of sidewalks and running paths, and they are all packed with people. if you are between the age of 18-35, that seems to be where you go and what you do before you head out to dinner. i remember the same thing in buenos aires, and rosario. argentines are fit and attractive because they like to run.

lake in sarmiento by porkandcorn, on Flickr

overlook for sarmiento park, córdoba, argentina by porkandcorn, on Flickr

runners at sarmiento park, córdoba, argentina by porkandcorn, on Flickr

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