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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
I've picked up more bikes off kids and grabbed more flags from casual flag men and told more face glued to cell phone flaggers to pay attention then I can count and when I do $4000 worth of Nikon goes on the ground real quick so bite me.
I did that once during an Aprilia Cup practice at Pocono. There was a paraplegic rider sort of strapped to his custom equipped motorcycle. He got lots of attention by the media all weekend, but even I could see he was a hazard and foolish to be out there doing laps. Anyway, I was on the fence watching my son and working my watches when I see the paraplegic highside past an apex and lay motionless in the middle of the track, with traffic scattering to get around him. The corner worker was just up track of the apex and never saw the crash. I started hollering but she was clueless, so I hopped the fence ran onto a hot track and stood up track of the fallen rider and waved traffic wide. I got into a lot of trouble for that and I suppose it was foolish.

Flaggers are all volunteers and poorly trained. I was accepted to be a flagger at Austin MotoGP this year. They have no idea if I know anything or not... Fortunately, I had to decline because I'm driving a chase truck for the Mexican 1000, which will take up my vacation time.
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