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Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post
Thank you for the information. I think my problem was the rings were too tight, and didn't allow oil to pass, causing the issue. Running it hard on the highway created more heat, and ultimately chewed themselves up, and the metal chewed up the cylinder and piston.

Procycle is really a great company and Jeff is an outstanding guy. He offered me a new piston and he will look at my cylinder to check if it can be honed out and used again. When I get it back, this time I'll check the ring end gaps…

Later I will take more pictures of the damage, the rings, and how tight they actually are in the cylinder. I feel pretty friggin stupid, but thank you all for the support and advice with this issue. Hopefully the rest of this project goes smoothly.
So they are offering to give you a new piston even though you caused the failure

If that`s got to give a big hand for that company..........that`s looking after a customer way beyond what they should...`s a thought.....if you are selling a piston/ring/cylinder kit to the general public........maybe you should file the ring gap for them to ensure it`s done properly........does the company need to do this,no,but it would have prevented this..

I`ve seen this happen quite a few times......if the seller just sells the piston or cylinder separetely then fine,,you can`t gap the rings.....but if selling in a kit then they should just do it..since they have all the parts......this would take that part out of the hands of a person that`s not a pro builder........

Seems to me that if the seller gives you a new piston he kinda thinks it would have prevented this,,,,and is willing to take the hit to some point to keep the customer happy.......good for them,nice to see a company look after their customer..


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