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Originally Posted by DocT
Geez, I got over 20k on my points and still function nominal, as new. With the Dyna Booster they just need a few minutes maintenance every few years at my pace. There are advantages and disadvantages to either points or electronic.
Well put. As I said earlier, one advantage to the Dyna Booster is that the Dwell (the "coil saturation time interval") is set electronically and the electrical load on the points is reduced to milliamps. As the wear on the points rubbing block closes the point gap, the ignition timing will slowly shift towards retarded. A quick periodic check with a timing light will tell where the timing is and whether or not the gap need to be opened. At that time, I'll refresh the point cam lube and run a strip of business card through the points to clean up any residual oxidation (the latter is not really needed, I'm just being picky).

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