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Hey TurkeyRun, welcome to the Assylum! I've read the whole thread and man, you got a deal on that bike! You sent me an e-mail on an old account that's mostly spam, so I wasn't sure if it was real so checked in on ADVRider and found this. Good on ya!

Same with the air filter...mice love them.

Good advice. We have a farm and store the bikes in the garage near the dog chow, so....

It was warm yesterday afternoon so I thought I'd start our old International tractor just to get things moving and such, hit the starter and a damned flurry of mice and birds came tearing out from under the hood!

Anyway, in your e-mail you asked about Shinko tires on the GS - I've run two sets so far and have really liked them. I've run a lot of other tires in the past but got tired of paying $$$ for tires that got only 5 or 6000 miles, so thought I'd try the Shinkos. Same mileage, softer rubber and bigger tread blocks, so they grip great in rain, dirt, and cold weather. I did a thread some time ago on tire changes for the GS, might interest you:

I did one recently on the brake lines, you REALLY need to check those out ASAP - that vintage had some issues:

And I suspect your crown seal will crap the bed someday, so here's a thread on replacing that (easiest maintenance I've ever done on the Beemer):

Once you get over the initial fear of tearing into the BMWs you find they are really pretty easy to work on.

Good luck with your project, it's looking great and you got a steal on it!

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