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Bzrider. I see what you're saying there but you have to stop somewhere and ask, "at what cost"? It's tough being green and a fuel slut with a five bikes, a 500 hp car, a mud truck on 42's, and 10mpg towhoe to pull them all around sitting in the driveway. The facts as I have found them are that all oil goes into a general market and will be sold to whomever needs it. These guys rally around a claim to make America more fuel independent and thats just a load of BS. Its about cash dollar and that is the bottom line. F-everybody else. State and federal lands should not be exploited for this purpose.

If they really want to help America become energy independant, they'll invest in solid, long term solutions such as solar power to reduce our needs and protect our environment at the same time. However, big money only wants one thing... more money and they dont care how they get it.. our outrageous national debt is there because big money saw a way to get more $$$. We'll be paying it off for generations.

What if half of that money went to supplying the country with renewable energy (such as solar panels for everyone)? I'd rather be paying for that than what we are. I know that trading war dollars for a solar infrastructure is a somewhat simplistic solution to a very complex problem, I use it to illustrate that there is a better way even if it is too late.

If you haven't already, take a look at what happened in North Dakota since 2008. I'll give up my cars before I'll allow that mess to get started in my state. There needs to be SOME sacred ground.
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