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At age 67 I have had all the bikes that you listed except for the TE310. I have a riding buddy that has one and he loves it, he also spend about $1000 on it to make it fit his personal taste. One thing that you mentioned was that you are not too mechanical and that's ok you can learn as you go. One thing that I have learned over the years is bike dependability and I would say that the DR, KLR, DRZ, and the BMW are all very good bikes that you listed. Now let's take my riding group of guys and one lady who rides with us (she rides a BMW Sertao, but no single track on this bike), we are what I would call better then average riders and all have been riding for 30-50 years or so. We ride dual sport bikes of all sizes just because we ride the bike that fits the ride, yes we have more then one bike, but remember we have been at this for a long time. Now lets talk about what we are riding today and what works for us, mainly bike weight, dependability, and repair cost. We are riding Yamaha WR250R's and the new Honda 2013 CRF250L's, what a great bike Honda has come up with. I just purchased the Honda CRF250L and I love it, it's not quite the bike that the WR is, but it's only one step behind it, it power and suspension are a little better, but I doubt that you will notice the difference for your riding needs at this time. Also the Honda is $4499 list and the Yamaha is $6690, big difference in price. What great about these two bikes is the fact that they are both fuel injected and run perfect all the time, no more carburetors to clean, and they start in an instant when cold and ready to go. I didn't mention the KLX250 Kawasaki as they are not FI and some are hard to start, I only know of this from what I read on ADV, but none of the riders I ride with have gone to this bike. Let me say here that if you think a 250 is too small of a bike then you need to check out BigDogAdventures and see where he ride his WR and he ain't no little boy either, plus my riding buddies have done the TAT and the Continental Divide ride on WR's and the new CFR250L Honda's and glad they were on then. Last thing, today's gas sucks so bad, that FI is the only way to go, just read about these two FI bikes, I think you will like what you read. Good Luck, remember to ride several bikes before you buy.

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