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Originally Posted by procycle View Post
I've offered planemanx15 a deep discount on a replacement piston to help him through this 'learning experience'. But first we'll take a good look at the cylinder and make sure it is salvageable. There's a pretty good chance it can be saved. The nodular iron sleeve material is incredibly durable. I know it looks like toast in the photos but a lot of what looks like damage will turn out to be aluminum from the piston that has transferred onto the cylinder.
Looks good on you offering a discount to help him out..that`s looking after the customer..

But.......i`ll say this..i`ve rebuilt a pile of engines,,i know ring gap has to be checked..a newbie isn`t necessarily going to though...

I still think if you are selling to backyard mechanics/do-it-yourselvers and are suppling the piston/rings and cylinder.........then the supllier should gap the rings...they have the means and knowledge to do so and can take this out of the hands of the first time builder.......yes the builder is responsible...but this would go a long way towards ensuring this wouldn`t happen ..

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