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Yeppers. My intention was not to pick on your skills, but merely to supply my 2 Cents. I makes those mistakes from time to time.... Most people doing this on the 8GS, just caps the manifold vacuum right upstream from the purge valve, rather than two plugs ( one on each manifold). Just a thought here.....and that is all it is. If you plugged each manifold downstream from the purge valve, you have now isolated it from it's normal vacuum supply, where most ....again.... is just capping it up stream with one plug. Perhaps since it is connected to the not receiving it's vacuum....perhaps the ECM now hiccups.... dunno, but if you find no other mistakes..... I would just single cap it at the upstream line from the purge valve to the CC, and re-install the T from the purge valve to each manifolds. Long shot, I know, but worth a try......

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