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Originally Posted by daveburton View Post
I realise these are different bikes in many respects but do you think the DR could be as good as the KTM, even simpler with air cooling. There is a 790 big bore kit as well that takes the DR to 55HP at the wheel apparently.

I realise this is a bit out of context so ignore it if it risks widening the thread too much.

Your prep is getting me thinking along the lines of a single for an across Russia ride although mine will be less certain that your's for some time yet.

how i would look at is this, it weighs more about 15+ kgs more, there is no way to get that weight off the bike to make it the same as this KTM, its impossible, i personally wanted a 250 or a bike that weighs as much as a 250 and thats why i ended up buying a SXC, Dave you know me i'll ride it like a 250 as well

now the things you need to consider is the level of components, by the time you change a lot of stuff out on the DR what have you raised the price too? or if you get a used one with low mileage with some farkles on it do the prices even out, i looked at DR's and i was see bikes with 5-10,000 miles on them for the same price and i still had to spend another $3-5000 to make them equivalent before i started looking at the real mods i needed to make

as for doing a big bore kit i would go against that 100%, reason being you are looking to go into the middle of nowhere, if there is an big issue you want to be able to get parts, by doing a kit like this you have reduced you availability of suppliers down to maybe one company and unless you are the one who did all the work, all the mechanics that know and understand has reduced as the fixes that cure common problems but always try to keep as close as stock on a ride like that for dependability

if i were you as you have plenty of time i would test ride every bike out there you have the interest in and make a few judgement calls
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