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How many straps equal a weld? The prudent thing to do would've been to weld it up right there but I had only one more day to go to Mbeya and didn't want to risk catching the rains in the afternoon on these muddy roads. So, I used 5 of my Wunderlich straps to tie the right pannier to the top box and it held until I got to Mbeya.

The beautifully flowing landscape of southwestern Tanzania...

...which is being rapidly paved over.

Tanzanian women in stride. What can you balance on your head?

I got to Mbeya and got the pannier frame welded up at a metalworks shop.

Solid job for Tsh 6,000 ($3.80). I think at some point soon my frame is going to be more welds than steel.

Mbeya is a lovely little town up in the Southern Highlands, sitting at 1,735 m (5,700 ft). Camping equipment for sale by the main road. That chair looks comfy.

I stayed with Anna and her roommate, Maren, through CouchSurfing and I'm telling you, the world is really a small place. Anna is a good friend of Christina, my friend from Nairobi and officemate at ICRISAT. I only found out after posting about it on facebook. So, I was more family than CouchSurfer. Anna came to Mbeya to work at a medical research institute and is now looking for her next steps. I cooked my chicken curry for her circle of friends and helped spread the message of eudaimonia through it.

Anna's dog, Nyota, keeping watch over sanDRina. They were renting a nice, little house with a great view over the valley that Mbeya sits in.

Filling up fuel at a proper petrol station on my out of Mbeya. The attendant, just like all the others before him, was amazed at how much fuel sanDRina can drink down.

Twisty roads in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. This is the TanZam Highway, linking Lusaka to the port at Dar-es-salaam and mostly sees truck traffic and used Japanese cars being transported to land-locked Zambia.

Enjoying big mountains in my view and looking forward to getting back into them soon.

Tea plantations stretching across the horizon near Njombe. I got off the TanZam and headed south for the Mozambican border, climbing back up into the mountains and their chill air.
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