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Originally Posted by capriccio View Post
We not talking "tuning" we are talking basics, more cubic inches/cubic centimeters means more torque end of story. No cover ups necessary by bring in exhaust back pressure, Oh, please.
Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it isn't true.

While it IS true that "There's no replacement for displacement", is is also true that if that were the only factor in torque production then all engines would produce peak torque from idle to redline.

A 3.3 litre model A motor puts out only slightly more peak torque than my 1.2 litre '07 GS. The low compression model A engine hits its peak torque output @ well under 2k rpm while the GS spins past 5k to reach it's peak, and the difference is entirely caused by the factors I mentioned. A ninja 250 hits peak torque at over 9k, IIRC. It's ALL about tuning, and BTW, the Tiger 800 is tuned to produce at least 90% of it's peak thruout the rev range, unlike almost any other engine.
AT 3,500 rpm, the Tiger and GS both put out about the same torque.
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