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Yeah, once you get the Big Pig up and running we should see if we could meet out on the BRP or someplace this Spring. The GS is the perfect bike for this area where the back roads go from good pavement to ratty asphalt to dirt and back as they traverse the mountains. I love it; I've owned 44 bikes in my life and this GS is hands down the best and most versatile.

Fork pictures - really easy to work on since there's literally nothing but oil inside:

WTF is this drip??

Oh oh....

Put the bike on the center stand (ain't got one of those on your Harley, have you ?), weight the rear, remove the front wheel (careful of the ABS sensor!), take the fender off, unclamp the forks, pull down and that's it:

When you remove the seal retainer they just pull apart, IIRC, no trick at all. Dump the old oil out, flush and clean with fresh oil (I used a long-handled bottle brush from my beer brewing kit), fill with prescribed amount of fork oil, reassemble with seal in correct orientation. I didn't take any photos of the actual operation because it was so easy, but here's the parts collection. I think the seals were like $50 for the pair and have lasted 7 years without issue since replaced.

I couldn't find any black boots at the local bike store, so I used blue which matches the roundel . Whatever, it's done and they've performed well to protect the seals and forks.

When I put my Clearwater Lights driving lights on I carried the color theme to them as well :

Pretty spicey, huh? It's a real chick magnet with that combo.

I'm supposed to be doing my taxes but ADVrider sucked me in. Again.

"If it doesn't blow smoke and make noise, it isn't a sport!" - radio ad for shop in Bozeman, MT
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