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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
One last thing I want you to think about, you need a bike that you can flatfoot off road. You can lower most bikes, but there is a point where you can't anymore. The WR250 seat is 36.5" tall, pretty tall for most ladies, but can be lowered some. The other thing is, weight, KLR 650 type bikes are great, but once again heavy, all in the 425lb. range, and no you can't pick it up on the trail with your leg pinned under it. Yes you will fall, it's not if, but when. If you can't flatfoot the bike and handle the weigh you are going to be very unhappy, trust me.

Why do you need to flatfoot a bike off road? Very few of the best off road riders can flatfoot while straddling their bikes and many can only touch the toes on one foot down ... The low seat is great for beginners, but most often the 200-250cc small bike is short lived as a stepping stone... If you can get past the low seat thing and learn on a tall bike in the beginning then you've skipped a step and maybe saved some cash by having a more all around capable bike right from the get go... The OP sounds like she is fit and that is already a step in the right direction for coaxing a bike around off road... When I saw the list of bikes presented as I have ridden most on it{except the 310} I thought about which one gave the smoothest power, was easiest to maneuver in tight, highway capable and was relatively light... The DR 400 was the first to come to mind as very good all around platform for a 40/60% on/off road slant...
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