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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Yikes. I can't believe the fence was torn open and penetrated.

Couple this with the super speedway fence crash at Las Vegas that killed Dan Wheldon in IndyCar and you have to wonder if there won't be a complete re-think of the design of the catchment fences around the fastest ovals? Something's not working.
I'm sure NASCAR will look at these accidents and see what can be improved, but really, sometimes things just happen. You have to balance the ability of the fans to see the action with the proximity of the cars to the spectators. NASCAR instituted roof and hood flaps a number of years ago to keep the cars from taking flight, which seems to have worked very well in most cases.

I don't think spending an outrageous amount of money to try to deal with these rare incidents is a good approach, but that is for tracks and sanctioning bodies to decide. There are any number of ways for people to be hurt at a track, whether it be drivers, crews or spectators. You can't 100% safety proof anything, and my feeling is that the current system works pretty well. I make a few oval track races a year, and I'm comfortable with my safety as a spectator at those events.
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