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Emissions compliant 2-stroke!

Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Yamaha has really upgraded 2 stroke technology but uses it only on their snow machines not on bikes. Perhaps Husky's new 300 2T in 2014 will get them all thinking about this again. just watch the endurocross circuit or chk out the weekend warriors on Michigan single track. Many of them are still keeping or going BACK TO 2Ts.
Fuel Injected 2-Stroke!

The #1 Reason Manufacturers do not support 2-stroke development and do not import more 2-strokes into the US: Emissions.

The Ossa EFI direct into the cylinder is a significant development: EU emissions compliant!

Support the Ossa initiative:

We really hope the new Ossa technology takes hold. Snowmobile manufacturers developed the 2-stroke technology to address high unburned hydrocarbon (UHC) emissions from carburated 2-strokes. The technology does exist and is mature, and we hoped a mainstream European manufacturer like KTM/Husaberg + Husqvarna would take the initiative. Most of the European 2-stroke initiative is driven by the Trials manufacturers (GasGas, Sherco, Beta) that require light weight and torque. Emissions compliant 2-strokes would open a completely new alternative.

If these Ossa EFI models do well in the USA it may be a harbinger of a viable market and the other manufacturers may quickly follow suit. It's interesting that the same dynamics affected the outboard motor and the snowmobile industry.

There were three Ossa Explorers at the PITS event at Frank Raines OHV this weekend. Very cool. I had the chance to catch up briefly with Adrian Lewis of LewisportUSA He is the US importer for Ossa, and recently brought in and sold most of his Ossa Explorer inventory. General opinion on riding the new Ossa: felt narrower and lighter than the GasGas.

Shameless plug for LewisportUSA: Convince your local dealer to carry Ossa!

We discussed his plans to import the Ossa 300i... now this is too cool: 2-stroke EFI running 120:1 premix ratios to meet EU emissions.

Strong F1 influence: The engine cants backward, Intake is in front, exhaust is behind the engine (a la Cannondale 440) and isn't vulnerably exposed. Cartridge gearbox. Crankshaft and conrod accessible from side.

Here's the 2011 concept bike:

Originally Posted by louemc View Post
This category sizzles, Sweet Fantic .

I was just in at Lewis Sports USA..They were uncrating the new Ossa's.

OMG The Design Quantum Leap...Comes in two versions...Trials or normal seat.

Cylinder lays back like the rear cylinder of a V twin.
EXhaust out the back, Fuel injection intake at front.

Lewis Sports can tweek the injection and the ignition to the riders style (or level), from a lap-top.

All transmission gear cluster comes out cartridge style, on one side,

Engine crank out the other side, after connecting rod is dis-connected.
Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Why not run a 200 KTM? It seems to meet all your needs and already has good torque.
Other than my GasGas Trials bike, I've been fortunate to own a GasGas EC300 that I was able to transform to Fantic TR300ES specs and get California street license plates:

Originally Posted by Grreatdog View Post
To answer the original question in a word: yes. They have evolved a lot.
By 20-years, I meant since 1993 when we already had liquid cooling, reed valve intakes, exhaust power valves, linked (or PDS) rear suspension, cartridge forks, CDI, and 2-stroke oil that stayed suspended in gasoline (remember emptying your gas tank and float bowl after every event?)

Originally Posted by Fast1 View Post
memories.. they certainly give me the wish to be able to turn back the clock..
My apologies to the OP for going back 40 years instead of 20.. which is an entirely different topic.
I'm with you - I'm still very nostalgic on the : air-cooled, piston port, twin-shock/damper rod technology I grew up with.
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