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The question I have about that stator is at what RPM does it put out 260w? There are Honda stators that can be swapped if you're really interested but will cost more. Buuut you can run some additional load on the stock stator- you have ~180w to work with so add all the wattages up. Also, switching to LED dash and taillight will be a much easier/cheaper way to free up some power. Leave the directionals stock because they are nice and bright, unless you drive around with them on all the time.

You may be able to add something like Hylomar around that grommet to seal it up, or carefully cut it off and seal that cavity with high temp RTV.

If you upgrade the stator, you might consider upgrading the regulator/rectifier. But shunting regulators like these are happier running bigger loads, as long as they are not exceeding their power rating.
See, the website doesnt state the details on the stator or I was gonna call up the guys there and ask them about that tomorrow during business hours. I already swapped the tail light with a LED cluster and I'm switching over to the Trail Tech Vapor dash during this build so I expect quite a bit of power to be freed up. The only reason why I'd like to upgrade is so I can run my heated gear as well as charge my photography equipment while im riding about. I'll do the math tonight and see if i can save that $130.

Good call on the RTV stuff, forgot about that. haha. Honestly I'd want to keep the stock stator if it does the job. Why fix it if its not broken
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