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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
If I were a better mechanic and was willing to carry tools & spares, I would consider the KTM.

going RTW isn't about dirt bikes it's about making it through.

mechanics don't bother me at all, you'll see that when i eventually get into tearing this bike down

as for it being more of a dirt bike than the DR or even my XT, thats exactly what i wanted, my RTW will not be a race or restricted by time so it will be leisurely time frame (think years with lots of down time) interjected with crazy dirt riding moments that this bike can handle while the riders of the DR's, KLR's, GSA, 990's, XC's, F800's, sit and wait while i go and have fun while they empty out there 150 liter $2000 luggage to find there titanium stoves to make themselves a coffee because they didn't get the memo about "lighter is better..."
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