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Heading to Deadhorse 02-24-2013 09:00

A close friend of mine came to visit me a week ago from Whitehorse YT

His riding time between Whitehorse and Wasilla was a little over two days

Last March he did the first solo ride to Tuktoyaktuk via the ice road.

His plans are to do this winter ride to Deadhorse and then go back to Whitehorse and do Tuk again because they are supposed to stop doing the Ice roads and I guess build a road instead.

Anyway he spent a week here changed his oil he is using
Mobil1 0W40 to assist in starting the bike in the cold.

He camps outside and is not using any electric clothing because it might breakdown.

He's adding 2 Grip Studs to the center knob of his TKC's (Google to find out about them) He's tried almost everything And he is using the Part#1200 for the front and back a little over 200 in front and back.

Anyway he is on his way and I expect him back in a week
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