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I know that it may be a very strange question to ask about this setup, but how much mpgs suffer, if any on 950? Now I have 35-40mpg with headwinds setup on 950.

Do you need longer mixture screws, so they can be adjusted without gas tank removal?
I am not the best to answer, not much time on them in this configuration. They are very sensitive to abuse. Baby it and they can do comparable figures to the CV's... I believe. But I seldom, if ever baby it and twist it's ear a lot and often ride in thick sand - worst I've seen is 9 km/liter, best I've got is about 14km/l but I haven't done much cruising on them.

I don't have the longer screws.
I often wonder where that road goes? And that, has usually made all the difference. Appologies to Mr Frost
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