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I started working on a project today to widen a small plastic helmet I obetained at a yard sale yesterday for $0.50 cents. I will trim down the back of the helmet to allow it to ride better on the dog's neck. (This is the way my Zoomergear helmet is done, too). I cut the two plastic sides apart with my Dremil tool and took some bookbinding tape I had to join the two pieces back together and widen the helmet when done. I believe this will widen the helmet about 1 1/2" or so, which will be just about right for my Bichon, Murphy. I'll add a chin strap and may hook back on the grille/face shield once the mods are completed and done. I will also add a 1/4X20" set screw for putting on a camera mount, but I can do that much later and figure out the best location and balance at that time. I plan on painting the helmet with a checkerboard black and white stripe so it fits into the Dog Taxi theme of my sidecar rig. I am trying to contact Tap Plastics to get an idea as to some mods and the best way to reattach the two pieces back together. This helmet, when finished, is just for show and not for safety sake. I am hoping they can advise me on how to make a mold so I can do up a few more for myself when this is being done. If you do a search at YouTube, Tap Plastics has some really great videos on making molds of all sorts of things. However, the didn't seem to show any that really involved making a dog helmet. I have an old Zoomer gear helmet that is actually not as strong as the materials used in this helmet. It was apparently some sort of rattle for fans to shake when cheering on their team at a football game. For the price I paid so far, it won't be a major loss if I don't get it back together and properly setup. It is just a fun project to take up my time, as I am retired.

Maybe someone else has such a toy helmet to play with and can use these photos to help if they choose to modify one for themselves in the future.

Murphy tolerated it being on him as I played about with it, Once the thing is finalized and the rear section cut down a bit, then it will probably fit him even better. Anyone ever done up one of these types of projects before?
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