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I just had the same thing happen earlier today, we're far from home and were in the middle of sand dunes when it started slipping.

Loosening the clutch cable via the adjuster nuts both on the lever and on the cable below it have us enough grab to ride home I hope. I had recently checked the clutch play before this ride, apparently there is enough pad surface to use up the slack, then after loosening still make the bike rideable.

I'll be interested in any info on replacement clutch plates too.

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Thanks LostRider i will keep an eye out for any information on a clutch kit, Im afraid my story is a bit of a stupid one to be honest. I had a fall and my HDB hand guards must of moved a bit and was not letting the clutch release all the way and i thought the clutch was burnt out. Anyway i managed to get home doing about 30mph without knowing this was the problem and by doing this i have royally cooked the clutch plates :(
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